The Complete PulseChain Decentralized Exchange (DEX) List for 2024

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By Connor
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PulseChain Decentralized Exchanges

PulseChain has emerged as a thriving ecosystem for decentralized finance (DeFi), hosting a variety of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that cater to diverse trading needs. 

Here's a breakdown of the top DEXs on PulseChain, ranked by their liquidity.

1. PulseX

PulseX, a fork of UniSwap v2, stands as the most liquid and widely used DEX on PulseChain. It offers a seamless trading experience with ultra-low transaction fees and fast confirmation times, typically under $0.01 and within 10 seconds. PulseX is designed to facilitate easy swaps between PulseChain's native token (PLS) and PRC20 tokens, offering users transparency and cost-effectiveness in their trades. The platform also features a unique buy-and-burn mechanism, where 21% of all fees are used to purchase and burn PLSX tokens, enhancing their rarity and value over time​.

PulseX Decentralized Exchange




2. 9inch

9inch is another major DEX on PulseChain, providing substantial liquidity for various token pairs. It supports staking and yield farming, making it a popular choice among users looking to maximize their returns. 9inch integrates multiple pools (V2/V3/Stable) and offers competitive rates and efficient trading pathways​.

PulseChain Decentralized Exchange 9inch



3. Phux

Phux, a fork of Balancer, offers liquidity pools, indices, and stable swaps, positioning itself as a versatile DEX for diverse trading strategies. It allows users to trade a wide range of tokens while providing robust liquidity options. Phux also facilitates seamless swaps and supports the integration of various liquidity sources, ensuring optimal trading conditions for users.

PulseChain Decentralized Exchange Phux


4. Sparkswap

Sparkswap focuses on automated market maker (AMM) pools, providing an efficient and decentralized way to trade tokens on PulseChain. It is known for its user-friendly interface and robust liquidity, making it a reliable platform for executing trades with minimal slippage and competitive fees​.

PulseChain Decentralized Exchange Sparkswap




5. PortalX

PortalX operates as both a bridge and DEX aggregator, enabling seamless swaps across multiple blockchains. This dual functionality allows users to access a wide array of tokens and liquidity pools, making it a versatile tool for decentralized trading on PulseChain​.

PulseChain Decentralized Exchange Aggregator PortalX



6. Piteas

Piteas is a decentralized exchange aggregator that combines liquidity from multiple DEXs on PulseChain. Its advanced routing algorithm ensures users get the best prices, lowest slippage, and highest returns on their trades. Piteas supports a variety of protocols and offers a user-friendly interface for efficient and effective trading​.

PulseChain Decentralized Exchange Aggregator



PulseChain's ecosystem of DEXs provides traders with numerous options, each offering unique features and benefits. Whether you're looking for the highest liquidity, the lowest fees, or innovative trading mechanisms, PulseChain's DEX landscape has something to offer for every DeFi enthusiast.

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