Our Team
The Liquid Loans development and support team are all PulseChain community members. As a team, we aim to educate, inspire, create value, and make a difference.

Cristian has over 20 years experience leading national and international consulting teams across Australia, Asia Pacific, and the United States. A former partner of a major international audit, tax and advisory practice, Cristian has been a cryptocurrency and blockchain investor since 2017, and has substantial positions in Hex and PulseChain.

Cristian Ulloa
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

For more than two decades, Dave has held successful leadership roles throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. He has extensive experience and knowledge of business operations, and a deep understanding of marketing and brand management. Dave has been a crypto and blockchain investor since 2016, and has substantial positions in Hex and PulseChain.

Dave Gordon
Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

WaLLrus is a widely respected crypto blockchain expert and commentator, and a leading contributor in the HEX and PulseChain communities. Known for his depth of knowledge and confident demeanour, he is a classy, relationship driven professional and a key member of the Liquid Loans management team, responsible for growth, partnerships and community engagement.

Global Head of Growth & Partnerships

Jeff specializes in complex problem solving, and presenting detailed technical information, data and processes in simple, easy-to-understand terms. Jeff has been a highly-motivated and successful crypto investor since 2017, and has extensive experience working in real estate, industrial warehouse management and biomedical research.

Jeff C
Head of Technology & Training

Connor has been a cryptocurrency and blockchain investor since 2019 and is an active member of the Hex and PulseChain communities. A former fitness industry professional, by day Connor serves as an Aircraft Maintainer and by night he manages Liquid Loans digital marketing strategies and written content.

Connor R
Digital Marketer & Writer

John has dedicated more than 20 years serving and supporting people. His passion and enthusiasm for helping others has led him to various account management, customer service, and helpdesk roles in IT, communications and technology. He has been a crypto investor for 5 years, is a highly respected community member, and a proud ambassador of Liquid Loans.

Ambassador and Admin Support

Darren has professional software development experience working for a number of industries including Banking, Insurance, Telcos, Business Directories as well as Blockchain and FinTech Startups. Darren enjoys researching new technology and solutions in the DeFi and Web3 space.

Darren J
Senior Project Manager

April started her crypto journey mining bitcoin in 2013. She has had extensive experience with trading cryptocurrency, helping others with crypto-security using hardware wallets, setting up both proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mining, dealing with ERC20 tokens and trading NFTs. She is a former professional game artist, loves mathematics and is a proud Hexican. She is happy to answer any question on Telegram about the PulseChain Network and Liquid Loans!

Ambassador and Admin Support

Emanuel is a methodical and structured Quality Assurance engineer and technology enthusiast. He’s spent most of the last 10 years in people-focussed leadership roles. Emanuel is a key member of the Liquid Loans team, and responsible for the QA Documentation and Testing process; including functional, usability, cross-browser, integration, smoke, regression, and automation.

Emanuel P
Quality Assurance Engineer

Nimish is a professional web designer, expert front-end developer, and experienced brand manager. For more than 10 years, he has consistently delivered high quality projects to a broad range of international clients, and is widely respected for his knowledge, creativity, attention to detail, enthusiasm, and leadership.

Nimish P
Head of Design & Brand Management

Krunal has been working in technology for more than a decade and is firmly focussed on strategic planning, development and growth. He is a highly experienced entrepreneur who has guided from concept to launch many blockchain businesses, decentralized finance protocols, and NFT projects.

Krunal S
Blockchain Consultant & Advisor

Jeremy has a unique blend of technological skill and financial acumen obtained over a number of decades spent in the IT sector as a security specialist and business integration advisor. He has been involved in the digital asset space since 2017 as an investor, educator, and advisor for a global crypto currency education provider.

Strategic Advisor & Consultant

Logan has been a computer hardware enthusiast for over a decade with academic backgrounds in cyber security and psychology. He also has 15 years experience in management, working for leading national and international companies around Australia. Logan openly admits to caring more for sports than anything else until he came across blockchain in 2017! Today, Logan is a respected Hex and PulseChain community member, and proud ambassador of the Liquid Loans team.

Ambassador and Admin Support

Over the years, Donellini has gained substantial experience within the real estate sector managing property portfolios for his investors, building a large client base through his ability to network. After dedicating his time to navigating the crypto landscape he has become a successful crypto investor and now shares his knowledge with others helping them to keep their assets secure.

Ambassador and Admin Support

Jason has dedicated the majority of his adult life to helping others, in both Private Security & EMS. Since 2017 Jason has followed the cryptosphere closely, eventually dipping his feet in and falling in love with DeFi and all it’s possibilities. Today, he is an active and widely respected community member & moderator across the PulseChain ecosystem, and a strong advocate & proud ambassador of the Liquid Loans protocol.

Hexkult (Jason)
Ambassador and Admin Support