About PulseChain

PulseChain is an energy-efficient, cheaper, faster, fee-burning hard-fork of the legacy Ethereum blockchain. With delegated Proof-of-Stake validators, shorter 3-second blocks, no mining, and no inflation, its launch featured one of the world’s largest airdrops in crypto history.

About Richard Heart

The creator of PulseChain is Richard Heart, a serial entrepreneur, author, influencer, and philanthropist.

Heart is also the founder of Hex, the world’s first decentralized high-interest blockchain certificate of deposit, and the author of SciVive, a personal development book.

In 2021, Heart gained global recognition for raising more than US $27 million for medical research for the SENS Foundation, in less than 21 days.

He is a renowned keynote speaker and is often seen on various talk shows, podcasts, and video interviews sharing his expertise on the topics of cryptocurrency and blockchain, entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance.

Richard Heart has been positively featured in many media channels and publications including...

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