0% Interest-Free Borrowing

Liquid Loans is the first truly decentralized lending protocol built specifically for PulseChain.
Fully Backed Stablecoin. Low 110% Collateral Ratio. No Repayment Schedule. Immutable. Governance-Free. No Admin Keys.


Use Cases

Liquid Loans core purpose is to support the creation, growth and adoption of a more secure, trustless, and decentralized financial infrastructure, that is community-owned, and brings greater stability and transparency to the PulseChain ecosystem.

0% Interest Rate

Liquid Loans charges a small, one-time fee to borrow USDL instead of highly variable interest rates often found when borrowing.

1 USDL = 1 USD

Borrow USDL, a fully backed stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar that’s maintained by an algorithmic monetary policy.

110% Collateral Ratio

Liquid Loans efficient and fully autonomous liquidation mechanism allows users to get the most liquidity for their PLS.

The Protocol Has Two

Native Tokens
USDL is a native stablecoin that aims to always be worth one US dollar. Many stablecoins today are fiat-backed. But USDL is different. It doesn’t rely on dollars in a bank account. Instead, USDL is minted when users deposit PLS (PulseChain coin) as collateral that has been locked into individual smart contracts called Vaults.
LOAN is the secondary token issued by the protocol. It captures the fee revenue that is generated by the system and incentivizes early adopters. You earn LOAN by providing USDL to the Stability Pool in exchange for rewards. You can also stake your LOAN tokens to earn the revenue paid for borrowing or redeeming USDL.
Borrow USDL

The protocol was developed to allow owners of PLS a method of extracting value from their holdings, without the need to ever sell. By locking up PLS and minting USDL, a PLS holder can take a 0% interest-free loan against their holdings, on a timeless repayment schedule.

To do this, you deposit your PLS into a smart contract called a Vault, which in turn mints the USDL stablecoin. The minimum collateral ratio you can lock up is 110%, however a ratio of 150% or more is strongly recommended. Use your USDL for a variety of personal uses, or reinvest into the system to provide stability and take advantage of another journey on the ecosystem.

Earn Rewards

USDL – as a holder of USDL, you can earn income by providing stability to the Liquid Loans ecosystem. Invest and achieve a return on your USDL using gains earned through liquidation events plus incentives provided in the form of LOAN tokens.

LOAN – holders of LOAN tokens can then stake their tokens in the ecosystem to earn USDL and PLS. Earnings are generated from borrowing and redemption fees, and are provided in the same proportion as the amount you have staked in the staking pool.

How It WorksHere is a simple break-down of how the ecosystem works.
To Create A Loan


Deposit PLS
Receive USDL
Earn PLS and LOAN


Deposit USDL
Receive PLS
Receive LOAN
Earn PLS and USDL


Deposit LOAN
Receive PLS
Receive USDL
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