#LoveLiquidLoans Challenge

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By Cristian
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LoveLiquidLoans Challenge

The Challenge has now officially ended!

Thank you to everyone who participated!


Get Ready to WIN BIG with Liquid Loans: ONE BILLION PLS Giveaway!!

Liquid Loans is now LIVE on mainnet, and to celebrate, we're giving away a whopping ONE BILLION PLS coins!! Whether you're a crypto enthusiast or new to the game, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss!!

There are TWO exciting ways to participate:

Option 1: Social Share An LL Graphic

Step 1: Follow us or subscribe on your favorite social media channels:

Step 2: Download one of our stunning graphics from liquidloans.io/graphics.

Step 3: Share it on any of the four social media platforms listed above and tag us using #LoveLiquidLoans and #PulseChain.

TIP: Get creative and tell us why YOU LOVE Liquid Loans!!

In the case of YouTube and TikTok, feel free to record and publish a video!

You can earn one entry for each graphic you post, up to a maximum of ten per profile. (Spammers will be disqualified!)

IMPORTANT: You must use and include the tags #LoveLiquidLoans and #PulseChain in your post to qualify.

LoveLiquidLoans Social Share

Option 2: Open A Vault On Mainnet

Step 1: Go to go.liquidloans.io.

Step 2: Connect your wallet.

Step 3: Open a vault on mainnet.

Remember to click the "Tour" button top right for a 27-step walkthrough of all the features the Dapp has to offer.

Discover more about how the protocol works at: docs.liquidloans.io.

The Prize Pool

The #LoveLiquidLoans Prize Pool includes:

  • 500 million PLS prize for 1x major winner who opens a mainnet vault
  • 150 million PLS prize for 2x runner up who opens a mainnet vault
  • 10 million PLS prize for 20x winners who share a graphic on social media

Key Dates

LoveLiquidLoans Challenge Dates

Mark your calendar: The challenge starts at 12.01am UTC, 1st December, and ends at 11:59pm UTC, 15th December, 2023.

Follow Us On Socials

Stay up-to-date with the latest Liquid Loans news and #LoveLiquidLoans challenge results:

Terms & Conditions

Information on how to participate and the prizes form part of these Terms and Conditions. By participating in this challenge, you accept these Terms and Conditions.

1. Eligibility

Participants must be at least 18 years old or the age of legal majority in their jurisdiction, whichever is higher.

2. Challenge Details

2.1 Challenge Period

The challenge starts at 12.01am UTC, 1st December, and ends at 11:59pm UTC, 15th December, 2023. (“Challenge Period”).

2.2 Participation Steps

To be eligible for each prize, participants must undertake the following steps during the Challenge Period:

Step 1: Follow and/or subscribe to Liquid Loans on X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, TikTok.

Step 2: Download and share one of Liquid Loans graphics and include why you love Liquid Loans.

Step 3: Tag #LoveLiquidLoans and #PulseChain in the content.

2.3 Disqualification and Invalid Entries

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify participants who breach these Terms and Conditions, tamper with the entry process, or engage in improper conduct.

2.4 Multiple Entries

(a) Each entry must be substantially unique. A repost of an original post is disqualified.

(b) Each entry must be submitted separately and in accordance with entry requirements.

2.5 Dispute Resolution

In case of a dispute regarding participant identity, the organizers have the discretion to determine the participant's identity.

3. Judging and Prizes

3.1 Judging Process

Social post judging and wallet address draw will take place within seven days of the close of the challenge.

3.2 Prize Pool

The total prize pool is up to one billion PLS. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable unless specified otherwise.

3.3 Prize Distribution

Three (3x) mainnet vault wallet address prizes

Twenty (20x) creative social media post prizes

3.4 Prize Conditions

Prizes are subject to standard terms and conditions and unclaimed prizes may be forfeited.

Requests to redirect PLS from one wallet address to a newly nominated wallet address will be declined, regardless of circumstances.

4. Content Submission

Participants are fully responsible for the content they submit. The organizers reserve the right to decline or remove any content without notice.

5. License and Usage of Entry

Participants grant the organizers the right to use, reproduce, and modify their entry for challenge purposes and future marketing purposes.

6. Use of Participants Information

Participants information will be used solely for the purposes outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

7. Challenge Interference and Liability

The organizers are not responsible for personal injury, loss, or damage. Participants must follow social media platform rules.

8. Challenge Disclaimer

This challenge is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by X (Twitter), YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media platform.

9. Legal Disputes

In case of disputes, a jurisdiction, mediation, or arbitration will be appointed by the organizers to resolve the matter. All parties agree to abide by the decision reached.

10. Support

For any questions, comments, or inquiries, participants are encouraged to join the official Liquid Loans Telegram group at t.me/liquidloans.

Don't miss this opportunity to WIN BIG with Liquid Loans. Join the #LoveLiquidLoans Challenge and be a part of the future of decentralized lending!

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Cristian is the CEO and Co-Founder of Liquid Loans. A former partner in an international accounting firm, Cristian brings this wealth of experience to build and provide thought leadership in the blockchain and DeFi space.

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