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Liquid Loans Start Here


Liquid Loans is now LIVE!!!

Whether you're already familiar with Liquid Loans, or a complete newbie to this potentially game-changing DeFi protocol, you're in the right place.

This page will show you exactly what you need to do to take advantage of this unique opportunity to become an early user of the protocol. 

Be sure to carefully read each step below, and take action by visiting the respective links – they're there to help, educate, and inspire you on what's possible.

  • Step #1 Understand Liquid Loans
  • Step #2 Understand The BIGGER Picture
  • Step #3 Practice on Testnet (Important!!!)
  • Step #4 Buy PLS
  • Step #5 Join the Revolution TODAY
  • Step #6 Be Part of Something Big!


Step #1: Understand Liquid Loans

The Liquid Loans protocol solves two key problems for PulseChain.

Before Liquid Loans, PulseChain did not have:

  1. A native, fully-backed, censorship-free stablecoin. This is ESSENTIAL for any blockchain. Users, businesses, and other entities need a truly-decentralized medium of exchange without price volatility. 
  2. A method of extracting value from PLS without selling it. Without Liquid Loans, holders of PLS would need to sell their coins on the market to 'cash out'. Selling harms the price and removes exposure to its performance.

Enter Liquid Loans, a protocol which allows PLS holders the ability to lock up their coins and mint USDL.

By taking a loan and minting USDL, holders of PLS can extract value without selling or missing out on potential future gains.

In addition, the USDL which is minted, is an entirely censorship-free and fully-collateralized native stablecoin.

USDL gives PulseChain users a medium of exchange without the risk of under-collateralization (UST) or the risk of your coins getting “turned off” (USDC).

The protocol has several other features which will provide exciting new opportunities to the PulseChain ecosystem:

  1. 0% Interest-FREE, permissionless borrowing (Yes, you read that right!). Almost every lending platform charges interest because they need to make money. But not Liquid Loans, there's no profit motive. Therefore, take a loan and hold the position forever, without your debt growing overtime.
  2. Yield opportunities in the USDL Stability Pool. Take your stablecoin to the Stability Pool and earn both PLS and LOAN. By staking USDL, you earn yield in a risk-off fashion. Meaning, you have a steady flow of earnings without the regular price volatility of crypto.
  3. MORE yield opportunities in the LOAN Token Staking Pool. Instead of risk-off yield like the Stability Pool, the LOAN Staking Pool is risk-on yield. You earn the borrowing and redemption fees of the protocol by staking your LOAN tokens. These earnings come in the form of USDL and PLS.
  4. Arbitrage opportunities via redeeming USDL for PLS. You can actually turn a profit by hard-pegging the price of USDL to 1 USD. If you see the price of USDL fall from 1 USD, you can buy it off market and redeem it directly for 1 USD worth of PLS. For a detailed explanation on exactly how to do this, read our article on How To arbitrage USDL for Profit.
  5. No Repayment Schedule. As long as you maintain a collateral ratio above 110%, you will not be liquidated and you NEVER have to repay your debt. This is significantly different from a HELOC, for example, where after the initial draw period, you have to start making repayments.
Liquid Loans Start Here LOAN Token

The Liquid Loans code has several properties which make it different from traditional financial solutions and even most other smart contracts:

  1. Immutable. The Liquid Loans code can never be changed or turned off. This means that once deployed, the rules of the protocol will remain the same forever. This makes it impossible for a bad actor to make an edit to the code to turn a profit or to sabotage the protocol for everyone.
  2. Governance-Free. There is no control over the protocol by a central entity or a DAO, which stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. DAOs typically have a number of protocol features which token holders can vote on to amend. Although this sounds like a democratic process, it’s very easy for a single entity to take a majority share and take over a protocol. Liquid Loans has no DAO, which ensures that no majority voter can take control of the protocol to their personal benefit.
  3. Permissionless. The Liquid Loans protocol does not require a financial or social credit score to utilize. This means that if you have a private key/seed phrase, you can always interact with the protocol directly.

There are countless resources available to learn about the protocol regardless of whether you're a complete newbie, or an experienced “LL maxi” who has been in the community for a few years.

Hands down the best place to start is the highly popular 4-minute animated explainer video. 

It's had more than 30,000 views already, and even if you've seen it already, it's always worth watching again!

To get your question answered RIGHT NOW, ask the Liquid Loans Librarian!

She's our custom, in-house A.I. bot specifically trained to answer the hardest questions on the protocol!

To ask a question, click the circle icon on the bottom right of the page that says "Got Questions?"

For more detailed written descriptions you can read:

  1. Whitepaper
  2. Technicals
  3. Blog Home

Also check out the How It Works page on the main website where you will find several resources, including this popular animation of how the ecosystem works.

For most new protocol users, there will be a learning curve before that ‘AHA’ moment hits, which so many Liquid Loans fans have already experienced.

And, once you understand how powerful the different yield mechanisms are, remembering that you can also extract value for your PLS without ever selling, it's highly likely that you too will become an “LL maxi”!

Step #2: Understand The BIGGER Picture

The team behind Liquid Loans has also developed multiple projects and products for the PulseChain community, including several time-sensitive opportunities.

  1. Fetch Oracle. Fetch is a fully-decentralized blockchain oracle built specifically for PulseChain. Fetch successfully solves the oracle problem, which is the inability for blockchain to access off-chain information in a safe and effective manner. Liquid Loans uses the Fetch Oracle to supply price feeds for PLS and many other projects on PulseChain will find it useful as well. Click here to learn more:
  2. PulseChain Safe. PulseChain Safe is a decentralized multisig (multiple signature) wallet which enables an added layer of security to your crypto holdings. Learn more here: PulseChain Safe, or skip ahead and try the platform out for yourself on mainnet:
  3. Earn Rewards. For the first 42 days after launch, liquidity providers on the PLS/USDL pair on PulseX v2 will be able to earn rewards in the form of LOAN token. To learn about the LP Rewards Program, click the link in the text.
  4. The Blog. A lot of work has gone into creating an extensive library of highly educational and inspirational written resources – with more than 260 articles (and growing) on many important topics relevant to PulseChain, Liquid Loans, DeFi and beyond. Make sure to take advantage of this free education resource – which also has audio functionality built in so you can listen to your favorite articles! We also publish all of our articles on Medium.
  5. Price Feed Page. We have created a stunning price feed page for PLS, PLSX, INC and many more to come. Bookmark this page so you have instant access to the most up-to-date, accurate and visually pleasing price feeds!
  6. Anonymous Ticketing System. We have also developed a fully-anonymous method of submitting enhancement requests, bug reports, and asking questions. To use this system, simply 'Create an Identifier' then get in touch at

Step #3 Practice on Testnet (Important!!!)

Chances are you've heard of Monopoly. It's an all-time classic board game in which players engage in simulated 'property and financial' dealings using imitation money.

Think of testnet in the same way. You get to simulate how the Liquid Loans protocol works using imitation test tokens... like a DeFi game without consequences, that gives you the opportunity to learn in safe environment before progressing to the 'real world'.

Liquid Loans has been operational on PulseChain Testnet v4 for many months, with more than a thousand addresses having already opened vaults, staked LOAN token, provided stability for USDL, and redeemed USDL for profit.

Before using mainnet, consider trying the protocol with tokens on testnet first. Go here:

Liquid Loans Start Here Testnet

On the testnet homepage, you will see a series of How-To videos which carefully explain the key features of the Dapp – plus there is “Product Tour” button top right, which when clicked, will walk you through 27 different slides that highlight the protocol and Dapp features and benefits.

And if you like written tutorials, make sure you visit the category section of the Liquid Loans blog, and search for “How-To” posts.

Step #4 Buy PLS

PLS (also referred to as Pulse) is the native asset of the PulseChain network.

Liquid Loans Start Here PLS

And, as obvious as it sounds, you'll need tPLS (test PLS) to use testnet, and PLS to use the Liquid Loans lending function to borrow USDL on mainnet, and participate in the LP Rewards program at launch.

If you're not already aware, PulseChain is a fast, open-source, public blockchain that provides a cost-effective alternative to Ethereum.

It was created to realize the original purpose of Ethereum, which has become increasingly expensive to transact on, and more centralized than many would want.

PulseChain is decentralized, and is the perfect environment for true-DeFi protocols like Liquid Loans.

Click to learn more on the meaning and significance of PulseChain, and remember, if you're not already experienced with the network, it's strongly recommended that you practice and learn on Testnet v4 first!

To acquire FREE test tPLS, so you can open a Liquid Loans vault, go to, create an identifier, and simply submit a request – and use this guide here to discover exactly how to buy PLS.

Of course, nothing in this article is financial advice – buying PLS carries risk just like any other investment.

Step #5 Join the Revolution TODAY!

Liquid Loans frequently shares time sensitive updates that are jam-packed full of valuable information on PulseChain, DeFi, cryptocurrency, and the broader financial industry across many social media platforms, including: 

X (Formerly Twitter)

Follow us on X at and join nearly 17,000 other passionate community members.

If you want continuous updates on the protocol, PulseChain news, general market commentary and much more, then make sure you turn on notifications.

You can also follow our CEO and Co-Founder, Cristian, who has over 20 years of experience leading teams in the financial sector.

You should also equally follow our Global Head of Growth and Partnerships, WaLLrus, who has a wealth of knowledge, and is a popular thought-leader and educator in the industry.


Subscribe to our YouTube channel at and join more than 10,500 enthusiasts so you too can stay up-to-date with everything Liquid Loans, PulseChain, DeFi and more.

Cristian regularly shares detailed development updates and insights on macro sentiment.

WaLLrus is renowned for his weekly PulseChain and DeFi market update videos, his educational 'walk and talk' videos, as well as his NO BS interviews with other notable thought-leaders and industry experts inside and outside of the community.

Be sure to Like, Comment, Subscribe, and turn on All Notifications to support the channel and help get the word out about Liquid Loans.


WaLLrus is also the host of a popular new video podcast on Spotify called the Weigh In with WaLLrus

On this show he interviews hard-hitting guests from the crypto space and dives deep into interesting and engaging topics.

Subscribe to the channel to ensure you never miss a show!

Instagram and TikTok

The community had been asking us to start publishing content on these prominent social media channels for a while, so we have recently started publishing clips and reels from our longer-form YouTube content to TikTok and Instagram, and it's been extremely well received.

Visit and follow both to access our short-form, highly digestible content today!


The Liquid Loans Telegram channel is arguably one of the most popular community channels out there – and it's the best place to get all of your protocol and dapp questions answered by a team of truly incredible community members and experts.

Known as Telegram Admins, this volunteer group has dedicated months and months of their lives to educating and supporting thousands and thousands of people who want to learn more about the features and benefits of Liquid Loans – they are our heroes and heroines, and we would not be here without them.

Join the channel, thank the Admins for their service, ask your questions 24/7, and participate in a conversation that reaches almost 10,000 members!

Step #6 Be Part of Something BIG!


If you believe DeFi, and the utility that the Liquid Loans protocol offers to PulseChain, and you want to see the ecosystem thrive, then this step is one of the most important.

  • Talk to your friends and family about Liquid Loans and encourage them to visit this START HERE page.
  • Visit the resources page where you will find email templates, sms templates, eBrochures, press releases, flyers and more.
  • Download our countless stunning graphics and share them around social media.
  • Tell an existing PLS holder that they don't EVER need to sell their PLS! #neverselling

The Bottom Line


Liquid Loans is about to launch, and it's going to provide a much needed boost to the PulseChain ecosystem in the following ways:

  • Holders of PLS will soon have a reason to never sell, which will remove billions of PLS from ever increasing sell pressure.
  • PulseChainers will now have a truly-decentralized, fully-backed stablecoin in USDL. This will give users a price-stable medium of exchange they can use while enjoying the censorship-resistance that PulseChain enables.
  • PulseChainers will also have additional yield opportunities to earn PLS, USDL, and LOAN token from the Stability Pool and the LOAN Staking Pool, all from the safety of their self-custody wallet.

This opportunity will not last forever.

Learn about the protocol. Use the testnet. Join the DeFi revolution on all of our social media channels...

And shout “I LOVE LIQUID LOANS” from the rooftops as loud of you can!!

We are excited about what the future holds for Liquid Loans on PulseChain, and we are extremely grateful to our community who make all of this possible.

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Disclaimer:Please note that nothing on this website constitutes financial advice. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided on this website is accurate, individuals must not rely on this information to make a financial or investment decision. Before making any decision, we strongly recommend you consult a qualified professional who should take into account your specific investment objectives, financial situation and individual needs.

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