The Complete PulseChain Block Explorer List (2024)

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By Connor
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PulseChain Block Explorer

Use this constantly updated list to find all of the PulseChain block explorers and scanners!

What are PulseChain Block Explorers?

Block explorers, also called scanners, are indispensable tools for blockchain networks, serving as searchable databases that allow users to navigate and analyze blockchain activities. 

They provide detailed insights into transactions, blocks, wallet addresses, and smart contracts, enhancing transparency and understanding of the network's operations. 

PulseChain block explorers enable users to track the flow of PulseChain's native token, monitor network performance, and verify transaction histories. 

These explorers play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and usability of the PulseChain network by offering real-time data and comprehensive analytical capabilities.

List of PulseChain Explorers

PulseChain Scanner

GoPulse Explorer


  • URL:
  • A user-friendly interface that offers comprehensive blockchain data, including addresses, transactions, and contracts.

HTP Scan (

  • URL:
  • Previously known as HTP Scan, this explorer offers a clear interface for checking addresses, transactions, and the overall state of the blockchain.

PulseChain Explorer (Beacon)


PulseChain Testnet v4 Explorer

9mm PulseChain Explorer

  • URL:
  • This explorer, powered by Blockscout, offers fast indexing of transactions on the PulseChain network, including detailed information on blocks, transactions, and validators​ (9mm Scan)​.

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