In Case You Didn't Know - Liquid Loans is Launching 3 DIFFERENT Products

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By Connor
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LL is 3 different products

Liquid Loans is LIVE!

In addition to the launch, the team has delivered another two offerings aimed at giving value to PulseChain (PLS) and broader crypto community.

Here’s everything you need to know about the three different offerings that Liquid Loans is bringing to PulseChain.

Three PulseChain Offerings That Work Together

Liquid Loans was designed as a way to give new value to PulseChain (PLS) holders and the crypto landscape as a whole. 

While designing the Liquid Loans ecosystem, the team found that the best way to deliver this value was through a holistic approach.

That’s why Liquid Loans is committed to true DeFi. It wasn't enough to just launch an interest-free, decentralized lending platform, the team also wanted to introduce a robust ecosystem that would offer increased safety and decentralization.

As part of this approach, Liquid Loans' upcoming launch actually involves three distinct offerings:

  1. The Liquid Loans Protocol
  2. Fetch Oracle
  3. PulseChainSafe

Each of these projects has been developed with immense care and consideration. In addition, all three are designed to complement each other in order to offer crypto holders the best experience possible.

Here's how.

1. The Liquid Loans Protocol

The Liquid Loans Protocol was developed to give holders of $PLS a method of extractign value from their holdings without selling.

With Liquid Loans, you can put up your $PLS as collateral in order to take a timeless 0% interest loan against your holdings. In exchange, you’ll be able to freely spend or reinvest a decentralized stablecoin called USDL that is hard-pegged to the price of the US dollar.

Best of all, the project allows anyone to do this in a truly decentralized environment that is free from predatory lending practices and interest. 

But Liquid Loans isn’t just about borrowing. 

The platform also offers six easy ways for virtually anyone to earn passive income through crypto. These methods of earning yield are designed to give new value to the crypto community while encouraging people to help the Liquid Loans ecosystem always stay overcollateralized and decentralized.

Following its successful testnet, the Liquid Loans mainnet is gearing up for its highly-anticipated launch. Recently, the project’s code and infrastructure passed an independent audit by Halborn, a leading cybersecurity company.

But in order to make sure that Liquid Loans is truly decentralized while having access to real-world information, the team decided to build an equally decentralized oracle.

2. The Fetch oracle

In the world of crypto, oracles are technology that allow blockchain projects to access off-chain information. 

Since decentralized projects are built on smart contracts, having access to this information is crucial. After all, smart contracts—as immutable software—only execute once their preprogrammed conditions have been met.

For instance, a smart contract might be set to execute once an asset reaches a specific price. But in order to know when that happens, the chain on which the smart contract exists needs access to a price feed.

Unfortunately, many existing stablecoins and DeFi projects make use of oracles in a way that compromises their decentralization.

This is because a lot of oracles are actually centralized, creating a point of failure that is highly vulnerable to manipulation, attack, and centralization. 

A network cannot be truly decentralized if any part of it is under centralized control.

That's why the team behind Liquid Loans knew they would have to build a truly decentralized oracle to help the broader landscape.

With Fetch Oracle, the data that smart contracts access is accurate, secure, and truly decentralized.

Fetch Oracle has also been audited by Halborn, ensuring that it will be running perfectly as soon as it launches. 

3. PulseChain Safe

After building a true DeFi application, and the infrastructure to support it, the Liquid Loans team also wanted to give everyday users a safer way to store their crypto. 

PulseChain Safe is a multisig wallet that lets you store your PulseChain (PLS) in the most secure way possible.

It allows users to assign a group of signers and set a minimum number of signatures needed to authorize transactions. 

In other words, PulseChain Safe mitigates the overreliance of seed phrases found in other wallets. Instead, it offers a secure way to keep PLS safe while reducing the risk of common points of user error.

Safe is already a massively popular concept on other chains. Developed as a gift to the PulseChain community, PulseChain Safe is actually a fork of Safe on the Ethereum chain (which was previously called Gnosis Safe).

By introducing PulseChain Safe, the team behind Liquid Loans is allowing users to access the same level of security that users are already enjoying on the world’s most popular blockchains.

The Future of the PulseChain Ecosystem

All three of Liquid Loans’ major offerings are set to drastically change the PulseChain ecosystem. This means that for both PLS holders and the broader crypto community, there is plenty to look forward to. 

While the Liquid Loans team has spent years perfecting these offerings and ensuring that they are ready for widespread adoption, the team retains no admin keys

This is part of the team's commitment to true DeFi, as it means that all three products will be entirely within the hands of the community itself.

While there is still a little bit of time left to go before the launch of the Liquid Loans mainnet and Fetch Oracle, you can actually start using PulseChain Safe to keep your PLS safe right now.

With the launch of the Liquid Loans protocol right around the corner, this is also the perfect time to get started with the testnet. It's a free and secure way to get ready for these upcoming launches without putting any real money in the network.

Or, if you're new to Liquid Loans and want to learn more about how the project is ushering in a new age of true DeFi, check out our latest articles.

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