Who is the Halborn Audit Company and Why Did Liquid Loans Choose Them?

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By WaLLrus
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Halborn audit company

Audits are the gold standard for ensuring that decentralized networks are actually working in the best interest of their users

That’s why Liquid Loans partnered with one of the most robust cybersecurity companies in the crypto landscape to ensure that the project is ready for the upcoming mainnet launch.

Here’s what you need to know. 

Who is the Blockchain Audit Company, Halborn?

Led by renowned ethical hacker Steven Walbroehl and growth hacker Rob Behnke, Halborn is a Web3 blockchain and security company made up of over 100 security engineers.

Over the last few months, Halborn has worked to audit Liquid Loans’ smart contracts and give the greenlight to the upcoming launch of the Liquid Loans mainnet. 

As an award-winning cybersecurity company, Halborn provides blockchain security solutions to the crypto and blockchain landscape.

Its other clients include major crypto projects and organizations like Solana, BlockFi, Polygon, Dapper, and Coinbase.

Last year, Halborn made headlines when the company raised $90 million USD in an early-stage funding round. 

Through its services, Halborn helps the crypto landscape stay secure. It does so by analyzing smart contracts and calling attention to issues, errors, and core security vulnerabilities.

The company conducts its audits through a combination of manual analysis and automated testing. Together, these combined methods allow Halborn to ensure that DeFi protocols are truly secure.

Halborn recently used these methods to ensure that Liquid Loans is secure and ready for its mainnet launch.

Why Are Crypto Audits Essential?

Crypto audits are an essential part of keeping the crypto landscape safe, for a few key reasons.

When a project is truly decentralized, no middlemen can step in to interfere when something goes wrong. While this may sound like a drawback, this is actually a core feature of the DeFi movement.

When you use a centralized service, you are at the mercy of major financial institutions. These institutions then have the power to act in their own self-interest, despite your needs. 

For instance, middlemen may fail to protect you, censor or freeze your assets, and even change the rules in order to keep control over their largely-powerless customers.

Since DeFi protocols are decentralized, on the other hand, they give this power back to the users themselves. But this also means that you need to be responsible for the security of your own assets.

This is why audits play a core role in the cryptocurrency landscape.

In order to stay safe from counterparty risk, it is crucial that the blockchains and smart contracts that you interact with are perfect. If they’re not, you could risk losing your funds.

When a project is audited and releases these results transparently, you can know if a decentralized protocol is safe before you use it.

This is especially important as decentralized protocols like Liquid Loans are immutable. In order to protect users and their funds, the rules of smart contracts can never be changed once they go live.

Audits also help project teams, by pointing attention to errors and potential security risks that need to be corrected in order to maintain the integrity of the network. 

Among other features, audits can verify if a network is behaving fairly, can check that everything is operating as advertised, and ensure that there is no room for the network to be exploited by anyone—not even the people who built it. 

Why Did Liquid Loans Choose Halborn?

From the very beginning, Liquid Loans has been a project that is dedicated to avoiding the shortcomings of its predecessors in the crypto landscape. 

This means taking the necessary time and precaution to ensure that the smart contracts on which Liquid Loans were built are perfect. It also means ensuring that the network is truly transparent.

Liquid Loans is a project that has been built for the community. No admin keys were created while programming Liquid Loans. Once the mainnet is released, it will be entirely in the hands of its users.

In order to guarantee that Liquid Loans is ready for its mainnet launch, the Liquid Loans team set out to enlist the help of outside, independent auditors.

Through employing an auditing firm with a stellar reputation, Liquid Loans has been able to catch any potential errors before real value travels through the Liquid Loans network. 

In addition, releasing the results of this independent audit helps the community know that the Liquid Loans network is safe, secure, and ready for the real world. 

While Liquid Loans had no shortage of auditing firms to reach out to, Halborn’s work in keeping the crypto and blockchain landscape secure speaks for itself. 

As such, their expertise in this space made them the clear choice for Liquid Loans’ needs. 

With the positive results of Halborn’s Liquid Loans audit now complete, the patient and meticulous approach taken by the Liquid Loans team has clearly resulted in the network being secure and ready for the upcoming mainnet launch.

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