Celebrating 1 Year of PulseChain: 1 Million Wallet Addresses, 140 Million Transactions, and HUGE Potential

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By Connor
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Happy Birthday PulseChain

PulseChain officially celebrated its FIRST YEAR since launch on the 13th of May, 2024.

This milestone coincided with PulseChain Conference, a passionate PulseChain celebration where expert speakers included Liquid Loans’ own Crypto Crazy.

And what a year it’s been!

With one year under its belt, this is the perfect opportunity to take pride in the significant wins that PulseChain has already enjoyed so far. 

Let’s take a look.

1 Million Wallets and a Breakthrough First Year

PulseChain Wallet Addresses

After two years of development, PulseChain first launched on mainnet on May 13, 2023.

Immediately, this launch gained significant attention from the crypto community. 

As BTCC reported at the time, PulseChain hit nearly 130 transactions per block in the first 12 hours of its launch!

At the same time, the PulseChain & PulseX Telegrams hit record numbers of active users AND as many as 3 BILLION tokens were burnt.

Following this excitement, PLS hit its all-time high price of around $0.00028 per coin back on May 22.

In the year since this successful mainnet launch, PulseChain has enjoyed virtually no downtime. 

In addition, many key developers and innovators have made their mark by building huge value for the PulseChain community (including Liquid Loans, *cough, cough*). 

According to GoPulse, PulseChain now boasts over 1 million unique active wallet addresses!

Further still, over 140 million transactions have taken place on-chain and the network is currently secured by close to 50,000 validators!

PulseChain Transactions

Life Before PulseChain

PulseChain was created by Richard Heart, a rebel scorned by issues that plague everyday crypto investors and the adoption ceiling of other chains.

When it came to Bitcoin, Heart was an early adopter. But he believed that the chain was limited by multiple inflation bugs, expensive fees, scaling issues, and its environmental impact.

Meanwhile, with Ethereum, expensive transactions and block times limited Heart’s previous project, HEX, from reaching its full potential on the Ethereum chain.

That’s why Heart announced PulseChain in the summer of 2021.

Not long after, he announced that it would be a hard fork of Ethereum. As a result, developers are able to easily port their existing Ethereum-compatible projects over to PulseChain.

Today, PulseChain boasts faster transaction times and cheaper transaction fees than Ethereum and Bitcoin.

What Does the Future Look Like For PulseChain?

It’s no secret that the price of PLS has taken a beating as of late, but for holders and members of the community, there’s a lot to look forward to.

For some, that includes the potential for PLS’ price to grow over time. In fact, many question if alt coins like PLS could enjoy a similar bull run to the one Bitcoin enjoyed earlier this year (when BTC once again broke its all-time high).

At the same time, brand new tools like GoPulseChain—which was recently announced at PulseChain Conference—are slated to launch in the very near future.

These types of tools help give the community new ways to interact with, and talk about, PulseChain.

They also make it easier for newcomers to adopt the chain and get started. 

As a result, we are likely to see even more innovators bring new value to the PulseChain community.

One of the most optimistic features of this milestone, however, is that it serves as a reminder of just how early we all are to this space.

Just imagine being part of this discussion about Bitcoin in 2010 or Ethereum in 2016.

We’re just ONE YEAR into PulseChain’s story, which means that you still have the opportunity to become part of its history.

Here's how you can buy PLS and join the community today.

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