Here's Our PulseChain Price Prediction for 2025 (Shocking)

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By Connor
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PulseChain Price Prediction 2025

Since PulseChain Launched, the crypto community has been ultra-bullish on price predictions for 2025.

Browse around social media and you find estimates like:

  • PulseChain Launch Price Prediction: $0.00015-0.00050
  • 3 Months after Launch: 25x Launch Price
  • 6 Months after Launch: 75x Launch Price
  • 12 Months after Launch: 350x Launch Price

Truth is, no one knows, and it's all speculation – that is until you look at how other similar projects have performed in the past to get a better sense of what's possible for PulseChain.

Price Performance of Previous Blockchains

Dozens of layer 1 blockchains have hit staggering milestones in the past.

Many of the holders who were lucky enough to ride the wave have likely generated significant returns.

The most notable examples include (Measured as All Time High/All Time Low):

PulseChain Price Prediction 2025

If you average all of these multiples, you get a staggering 2168x!

With countless examples of ‘insane gains’, many in the cryptocurrency community are convinced that history will repeat itself with PulseChain.

Many also think PulseChain will outperform everything, let’s take a look at why. 

Reasons Why PulseChain Will Appreciate

PulseChain is better than other blockchains because it is a copy of the most successful blockchain, Ethereum, but with critical design improvements: 

  • Faster
  • Lower fees
  • Largest free airdrop in history
  • No admin keys

As you can see, Ethereum is already the most successful blockchain, the number 2 overall market cap cryptocurrency, and has been outperforming Bitcoin for years now. 

However, Ethereum has been bogged down by high fees and low throughput, making it nearly unusable for most users. 

PulseChain is coming to the rescue, saving Ethereum and presenting an opportunity for cryptocurrency investors to participate in the future of decentralized finance. 

Other Reasons Why PulseChain Will Appreciate

  1. PulseChain and PulseX had over 1.5 billion USD sacrificed for it over a year ago
  2. PulseChain has 52.6k members in its Telegram group
  3. PulseX has 46.6k members in its Telegram group
  4. PulseChain Testnet v3 and v4 each had millions of transactions per day
  5. Dozens of projects set to launch on PulseChain
  6. Passionate community

Why do Cryptocurrencies Increase in Value at all?

Simply put, cryptocurrencies increase in value because the demand for them outweighs their supply. 

The demand for cryptocurrencies depends on a large amount of factors including but not limited to: 

  • Use case (store of value, unit of exchange, yield generation, etc)
  • Public sentiment around other financial sectors
  • Global events
  • Media coverage

The supply for cryptocurrencies depends on an equally large amount of factors:

  • Number of units upon launch plus or minus inflation/deflation
  • Liquidity 
  • Willingness for holders to sell

The Bottom Line

Nobody will have a perfectly accurate PulseChain Price Prediction for 2025, but PulseChain has all the components of an extremely successful blockchain.

Those who are patient and are mindful of security have the best chance of winning in the end.

Make sure that you have a plan for when your PLS bags appreciate more than you ever thought possible.

One such plan is to collateralize your PLS in the Liquid Loans Protocol to extract value in the form of USDL.

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Connor is a US-based digital marketer and writer. He has a diverse military and academic background, but developed a passion over the years for blockchain and DeFi because of their potential to provide censorship resistance and financial freedom. Connor is dedicated to educating and inspiring others in the space, and is an active member and investor in the Ethereum, Hex, and PulseChain communities.

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