All Your PulseChain Links in One Place (Token Addresses, Faucets, Websites and More!)

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By Connor
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PulseChain Links

Tired of searching through Twitter for links?

Or concerned you might click a fake link trying to scam you?

Use our guide to quickly find all relevant and accurate links to everything in the PulseChain ecosystem.

Main PulseChain Website & PLSX Dex:



Liquid Loans:

Liquid Loans Mainnet:

PulseChain Validator Page

This platform will enable you to become a validator for PulseChain, allowing you to actively contribute to the future of PulseChain. Validators play a crucial role in ensuring the security, scalability, and sustainability of PulseChain.

Main PulseChain Ecosystem Telegram Rooms:



Liquid Loans:


PulseChain Token Addresses:

$wPLS on PulseChain: 0xA1077a294dDE1B09bB078844df40758a5D0f9a27

$PLSX: 0x95B303987A60C71504D99Aa1b13B4DA07b0790ab

$HEX: 0x2b591e99afE9f32eAA6214f7B7629768c40Eeb39

$USDL: 0x0dEEd1486bc52aA0d3E6f8849cEC5adD6598A162

$LOAN: 0x9159f1D2a9f51998Fc9Ab03fbd8f265ab14A1b3B

PulseChain Wrapped Token Address:

PulseChain Wrapped Token Addresses

New WPLS on Ethereum (bridges into native pls): 0xA882606494D86804B5514E07e6Bd2D6a6eE6d68A

OLD WPLS on Ethereum: 0x97Ac4a2439A47c07ad535bb1188c989dae755341

$WETH: 0x02DcdD04e3F455D838cd1249292C58f3B79e3C3C

$DAI: 0xefD766cCb38EaF1dfd701853BFCe31359239F305

$USDC: 0x15d38573d2feeb82e7ad5187ab8c1d52810b1f07

$USDT: 0x0cb6f5a34ad42ec934882a05265a7d5f59b51a2f

$HEX: 0x57fde0a71132198bbec939b98976993d8d89d225

PulseChain Bridge Links:

This is the link to the only current PulseChain Bridge (PulseRamp):

PulseChain CEX Listings

PulseChain Block Explorer / Transaction Related Links:

These websites allow users to see transactions, wallet addresses, volume and more:

Block Explorer:

Wallet Address Transaction Search:

Transaction Hash Search:

New Block Explorer:

PulseChain Analytics/Data:

Bridge, Validator & Burn Info:

Bridge Data:

Total Value Locked & Bridge Data:

ETH Bridge Address:

PLS Gas Information:

PulseChain Pairs & Pricing Info:


Fixing Stuck Transactions

There are ways to fix stuck transactions, but remember, nobody needs your seed phrase.

PLS/PLSX Sacrifice Checker:

PulseChain Sacrifice Checker:

PulseX Sacrifice Checker:

Liquid Loans Sacrifice Checker:

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