This New dApp for Liquid Loans Offers Insane Added Rewards (Community Spotlight)

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By Connor
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This New dApp for Liquid Loans Offers Insane Added Rewards (Community Spotlight)

This new frontend built on the Liquid Loans protocol will blow your mind.

It’s called 0xBarista, and it gives you distinct benefits on top of what the Liquid Loans dApp already provides.

It’s the latest example in community innovation on Liquid Loans, which is a protocol that the community itself has full control over.

So while this project wasn’t built or endorsed by the developers of Liquid Loans, this could end up being one of your favorite ways to use LL.

Without further ado, here’s why you might want to check out the 0xBarista.

A New Tool for the PulseChain Community

0xBarista is a new frontend dApp, using the same Liquid Loans protocol in a new shell–with some unique added features.

Since Liquid Loans is a true DeFi product with no admin keys, anyone can build their own applications to engage with the protocol. This allows developers and users to enjoy Liquid Loans in whatever way they best see fit.

Now, Magic Carpet Ride 369 has done just that. This is a project team that aims to aid the growth of the PulseChain ecosystem.

Their new tool creates new ways to interact with Liquid Loans. It's designed for people who love the protocol, as well as for newcomers who are looking to take their first steps. 

It’s cool for these three reasons:

1. Gamification and Added Rewards

This is the feature which most users will care about.

0xBarista adds an additional rewards token, called $BEAN, to the LOAN Staking Pool.

LOAN Stakers still earn the normal amounts of $PLS and USDL from redemptions and issuance fees, but they also earn $BEAN tokens as an added reward.

This is similar to how the Incentive Token works for PulseX liquidity providers. 

$BEAN incentivizes users to buy LOAN and stake it over the long term for added rewards.

So, if you were already a staker, or need ANOTHER reason to buy LOAN, you might want to consider doing so and heading over to 0xBarista’s Staking Pool.

2. Increased Decentralization

The PulseChain community is awesome; they can’t help but optimize decentralization everywhere they go.

As it turns out, one way to do this is to create multiple front ends for the same protocol.

This increases the ecosystem’s decentralization and improves the overall experience for users. After all, if one website goes down, users can simply use the protocol via another front end.

To learn more, read our article about why we want many front ends for DeFi projects.

3. User Experience

We have to hand it to them. The 0xBarista dApp is very user-friendly and has impeccable graphic design. 

In fact, it’s almost as good as the Liquid Loans dApp ;)

You can use it to easily connect your MetaMask wallet, stabilize the Liquid Loans protocol, use the Barista protocol, earn passive yield on your USDL, and more.

All that aside, every DeFi has their own specific design preferences. That’s something we welcome with open arms.

In the near future, we expect to see even more front ends and tools built for the community by the community. 

This is just the beginning. 

Whether you stick with the classic LL dApp, use the 0xBarista, or find your own sweet spot, the future of true DeFi is yours to access in whatever way you choose.

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