The Incentive Token (INC) on PulseChain: Rewarding Liquidity Providers on PulseX

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By Connor
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PulseChain Incentive Token INC

The Incentive Token on PulseChain is more talked about than many could have ever predicted.

It seems to have taken on the role of the mystery character since its inception.

Let’s break down what it is and it’s potential on PulseChain.

What is the Incentive Token (INC) on PulseChain?

The Incentive Token, with the ticker symbol INC, is a reward token used to ‘incentivize’ liquidity providers on the decentralized exchange PulseX.

The primary function of the INC token is to encourage LPs to pair bridged-in tokens from Ethereum to native tokens on PulseChain.

By doing this, PulseChain becomes a highly liquid blockchain, connected to an even more liquid blockchain in Ethereum which is highly connected to the traditional markets.

If you already understand the INC token and want to jump into the PulseChain ecosystem, then click this link to learn How To Buy PLS (Step By Step). Once you've bought PLS, you can buy other tokens and start earning INC immediately.

How to Earn the Incentive Token (INC) on PulseX

To earn INC Token on Pulsex v1, users must provide liquidity on incentivized pairs and stake their LP tokens.

  1. Choose the pair you want to be a liquidity provider for.

The liquidity pools that are available to earn rewards are shown in the image below:

Incentive Token INC Farms PulseX

Keep in mind that APRs fluctuate significantly and impermanent loss is a serious risk to consider.

  1. Provide liquidity by depositing equal parts of each token on PulseX v1.
  1. Bring your LP tokens to the farms page, enable spending and begin earning INC tokens.

PulseChain Incentive Token Price

The price of INC Token can be found here at:

These price feeds are highly accurate and up to date. The display also shows supply, tokens burned, volume, market cap, total liquidity and charts.

Bookmark this tab and keep checking in as more tokens are added!

INC Token Price Prediction

Nobody knows how the price of INC will perform, and none of this is financial advice.

The price of INC Token peaked in May of 2023 at a price of almost $80 a token.

Since the announcement of the SEC lawsuit on HEX and PulseChain, it has dropped roughly 98% all the way down to $1.

Incentive Token INC Price

During the same time, the native token of the blockchain, PLS peaked at $0.00028 and dropped all the way down to $0.000034, a loss of roughly 92%. 

The ratio between INC and PLS also deteriorated in value, dropping from 300,000 PLS per INC to 16,500 PLS per INC.

INC Incentive Token Price

This means that INC dropped roughly 96% in comparison to PLS.

This could be because users don’t view INC as equally valuable to PLS.

Afterall, INC has no utility elsewhere on the chain other than earning more of it via liquidity providing. 

Contrast this with PLS, which can be used to become a validator or can be collateralized within the Liquid Loans protocol. 

Incentive Token Address

You can find the token address for INC here:

Simply click “copy address” in the top right of the image and paste into your wallet to import the Incentive Token.

The Future of the Incentive Token

Many of the PulseChain community have speculated on future use cases of the Incentive Token.

These theories have ranged from providing discounts on a Richard Heart created centralized exchange to becoming a stablecoin.

All of which are baseless and refuted by Richard himself.

For now, the Incentive Token remains simply a reward for liquidity providers on PulseX.

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Disclaimer:Please note that nothing on this website constitutes financial advice. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided on this website is accurate, individuals must not rely on this information to make a financial or investment decision. Before making any decision, we strongly recommend you consult a qualified professional who should take into account your specific investment objectives, financial situation and individual needs.

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