The Future of PulseChain and PulseX (The Road Ahead)

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By Connor
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Future of pulsechain

It is June of 2023, and PulseChain is just over a month old. 

Despite all of the positive metrics out there, it seems the ecosystem has hit its first FUD cycle.

But let’s all take a step back and look at what the future has in store for us.

The Current State of PulseChain

In just over a month after launch, PulseChain has many positive metrics to look at. 

PulseX has millions of dollars of liquidity and does millions of dollars in daily volume.

PulseChain has over 19,000 validators and does millions of transactions a day. 

Both PulseChain and PulseX volume has rivaled that of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain in just a month after launch.

PulseChain seems to be all over social media and the internet.

In Fall of 2022 the gap between PulseChain and Bitcoin/Ethereum was wide.

In Spring of 2023 the gap was an order of magnitude smaller.

$PLS and $PLSX each have also secured several listings on majors exchanges. 

And this is all without the True DEFI infrastructure that is coming next…

What’s Next for PulseChain?

What’s coming to PulseChain next is a maturing of the ecosystem. 

Real DeFi Projects will Launch on PulseChain

There are dozens of projects launching later in 2023, including Liquid Loans, Fetch Oracle and PulseChain Safe. 

While a good percentage of projects will be rugpulls and scams, a lot of them will be necessary DeFi infrastructure. 

We need DeFi lending and decentralized stablecoins. 

We need security and decentralized blockchain oracles

We need more liquidity as well as on ramps and off ramps.

All of this is in the works and will be here sooner rather than later. 

Single-Sided Staking on PulseX

PulseX is not complete yet. 

Single-Sided Staking was a feature mentioned by Richard which allows holders of PLSX to stake their tokens and earn rewards from sponsored pools.

These sponsored pools distribute tokens as freemium to onboard users. 

However, the projects that would open sponsored pools have not been released yet for the most part, so Single-Sided Staking has to be released.

This is undoubtedly an highly awaited feature to PulseX which will give more hype to the ecosystem. 

Changing Economic Environment

Crypto has gone through its longest bear market in history. 

Most projects, including BTC and ETH, are approaching 2 full years without an All Time High. 

This is likely a reaction from the intense run-ups of the previous bull market, combined with quantitative tightening on the macro economic level. 

Once the macro environment eases up, PulseChain and all of crypto could see another bull run. 

The Bottom Line

Take a deep breath. PulseChain has not even existed for 2 months.

Look at how much is on the horizon for PulseChain.

We have dozens of DeFi projects launching within the year, PulseX Single-Sided Staking coming, and are still in the longest crypto bear market to date. 

Despite how fast markets and infrastructure can develop in crypto, it still takes time to mature and play out. 

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Connor is a US-based digital marketer and writer. He has a diverse military and academic background, but developed a passion over the years for blockchain and DeFi because of their potential to provide censorship resistance and financial freedom. Connor is dedicated to educating and inspiring others in the space, and is an active member and investor in the Ethereum, Hex, and PulseChain communities.

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