What is Coinimpulse and How Do I Delete? (Beware Malware)

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CoinImpulse is a potentially unwanted program that can compromise your computer's performance and security. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to remove CoinImpulse from your computer and prevent it from returning.

What is CoinImpulse?

CoinImpulse is a type of malware that infects your computer through malicious downloads, spam emails, or infected websites. Once installed, it can take control of your computer, display unwanted pop-up ads, and redirect your web browser to malicious websites. CoinImpulse is also known to mine cryptocurrency on your computer without your knowledge, which can lead to slower performance and increased energy consumption.

Removing CoinImpulse, if you have it, is important for maintaining crypto wallet security.

How Do I Delete CoinImpulse?

What is CoinImpulse

Deleting CoinImpulse from your computer can be a challenging task, but with the right tools and guidance, you can successfully eliminate this malware. Here are the steps to remove CoinImpulse from your computer:

  1. Use an anti-malware software: The first step to removing CoinImpulse is to download and install a reputable anti-malware software such as Malwarebytes. Once installed, run a full scan of your computer to detect and remove any malicious software.
  2. Uninstall CoinImpulse from your computer: Go to your computer's control panel and select "Uninstall a program." Look for CoinImpulse in the list of installed programs and click "Uninstall."
  3. Delete CoinImpulse extensions: If you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, or another web browser, you may have installed CoinImpulse extensions that need to be removed. Open your browser's settings and navigate to the extensions page. Find CoinImpulse extensions and click "Remove."
  4. Reset your web browser: To ensure that CoinImpulse is completely removed from your computer, you should reset your web browser. Go to your browser's settings and select "Reset browser settings."

How to Prevent CoinImpulse

Preventing CoinImpulse from infecting your computer in the first place is essential to maintaining your computer's security and performance. Here are some tips to help prevent CoinImpulse:

  1. Install an anti-virus and anti-malware software: An effective way to prevent CoinImpulse from infecting your computer is to install a reputable anti-virus and anti-malware software. These software solutions can help detect and remove potential threats before they cause damage to your computer.
  2. Keep your software up-to-date: Outdated software can be a vulnerability for malware attacks. Ensure that your operating system and software are up-to-date with the latest security patches.
  3. Be cautious when downloading files: Always download files from reputable sources and be cautious when downloading files from unknown sources. Scan all downloads with anti-virus software before opening them.
  4. Avoid clicking on suspicious links: Be wary of unsolicited emails and links from unknown sources. These could lead to malware infections.

Why Does My Computer Keep Installing CoinImpulse?

If your computer keeps downloading Coinimpulse without your consent, it's possible that you may have inadvertently installed malware or adware on your system. Malware or adware can cause unwanted programs to download and install automatically, even if you don't want them.

It's also possible that Coinimpulse is bundled with other software that you intentionally downloaded or installed. Some software developers may bundle additional programs or tools with their software, and if you don't opt out of the additional downloads during installation, they may be installed automatically.

To prevent unwanted downloads like Coinimpulse, make sure to only download and install software from reputable sources. Be sure to read the terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully before installing any software to avoid any unwanted downloads. Additionally, keep your antivirus software and operating system up to date to help protect against malware and other threats.


CoinImpulse is a dangerous malware that can compromise your computer's performance and security. Removing it from your computer requires a combination of tools and knowledge. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can successfully remove CoinImpulse from your computer and prevent it from returning. Remember to install reputable anti-virus and anti-malware software, keep your software up-to-date, and avoid downloading files or clicking on suspicious links to prevent future malware infections.

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