PulseX Contract Address 2024 (Accurate)

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PulseX Contract Address

What is the PulseX Token Contract Address?

The PLSX Contract Address on PulseChain Mainnet is: 0x95B303987A60C71504D99Aa1b13B4DA07b0790ab and has 18 decimals.

When looking for contract addresses, it is prudent to cross-reference with multiple reliable sources.

How To Add PulseX to Metamask

To add PulseX to Metamask:

  1. Click “Import Tokens” 
  2. Copy and Paste the address above into “Token Contract Address”
  3. Click “Add Custom Token”
  4. Click “Import Token”

PulseX Testnet Contract Addresses

PulseX Testnet v2b Contract Address:


Here is confirmation from Richard Heart:

PulseX Testnet v3 Contract Address: 


PulseX Testnet v4 Contract Address:


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