PulseChain Launch Date: Development Timeline and History

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By Connor
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From the Spring of 2021 to the Spring 2023 everybody was asking the same questions:

“When is the PulseChain Launch Date?”

“When is PulseChain Launching?”

“When Will PulseChain Launch?”

The questions have been answered: PulseChain launch on May 12th, 2023.

But let's take a look back at the long history to get to where we are now.

What is PulseChain?

PulseChain is a quick, open-source blockchain that is a low-cost hard fork of Ethereum 2.0. It contains a complete state of the Ethereum blockchain, making it a repository for all transactions, user accounts, and smart contract interactions. 

PulseChain addresses the scalability problems of Ethereum by improving speed and efficiency. It has a faster block time of three seconds compared to Ethereum's 15 seconds, and it uses a new consensus mechanism called Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) that combines Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Authority.

When was PulseChain Announced?

Richard Heart, the founder of HEX, announced that he planned to fork the entire Ethereum system state in the Summer of 2021.

The new blockchain would be called PulseChain.

The motivation to do so was because the gas fees on Ethereum made it extremely expensive to interact with the Hex contract. 

PulseChain Testnet v2b Launch Date

PulseChain Testnet v2b was launched in March of 2022. 

Upon release, hundreds of thousands of users transacted with their airdropped coins and tokens. 

And hundreds of projects, including Liquid Loans, launched their testnets on top of it.

Testnet v2b is a thing of the past now, after going offline approximately a year later.

PulseChain Release Date 2022

PulseChain was not released in 2022.

Richard Heart has historically been reluctant to give projections for when PulseChain mainnet will go live.

He constantly reiterates that “software is hard”. Which it most certainly is.

However, in the spring of 2022 he said PulseChain would launch in “Mid-May” and everybody took him for his word.

Long story short, the new blockchain did not launch in Mid-May of 2022.

PulseChain Consensus Shift

In October of 2022, Richard Heart announced that PulseChain development would switch its consensus mechanism and basically start from scratch.

They shifted the consensus from Parlia to that of Ethereum 2.0.

This announcement resulted in negative sentiment from the community, suggesting that mainnet launch was much further away than previously thought.

PulseChain Testnet v3 Launch Date

PulseChain v3 Testnet was launched on March 22, 2023 and processed a million transactions within a few days.

Richard Heart stated that this testnet will be the final version, and that mainnet could launch at any moment.

PulseChain Testnet Version 4

In early April, 2023, Richard Heart announced that there would be a 4th version of the Testnet.

This testnet is an extension of the PulseChain Testnet v3. The developers needed to create an entirely new fork to make the changes to the validator rewards.

PulseChain Mainnet Release Date

PulseChain Mainnet was released to the public on May 12th, 2023.

Make sure to continue learning as you enjoy mainnet.

  1. Learn about wallet security
  2. Learn how to on-ramp and bridge
  3. Keep earning money so you have dry powder to DCA
  4. Learn about staking and liquidity providing

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