PulseChain Exchange Listings: Which CEXs List $PLS Right NOW? (Constantly Updated 2024)

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By Kate
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Pulsechain listings

After its launch in June 2023, PulseChain has already managed to get its native token PLS listed on a few reputable centralized exchanges.

This article aims to keep track of all the Pulsechain listings. The list of the platforms is up to constant updates, so keep your eyes open for new additions.

Why Does PLS Need Centralized Exchange Listings?

Before we go any further, there is an important question to answer. 

With the focus on the true DeFi solutions, why would PulseChain need to be listed on CEXes? Doesn’t this approach stand against the core principles that the project adheres to?

Indeed, it does. Yet, we were not the ones to establish the whole blockchain industry and define its rules. Right now, it’s still the centralized entities that run the show. Therefore, we have a few very good reasons for listing on such platforms:

  • Liquidity. In comparison with DEXes, centralized exchanges feature much higher liquidity. Therefore, it would be wise to enable token holders with the possibility to buy and sell PLS tokens at their wish.
  • An acknowledgment from a reputable establishment. Listing on a popular CEX always comes with thorough research of the project that the specialists of this exchange perform. The fact that PLS has managed to pass all this scrutiny adds points to its reputation as well.
  • Exposure. Oftentimes, CEXes have a large number of followers who are eager to participate in any new activities that these platforms propose. Promotion on such platforms helps projects such as PulseChain grow their user base as well.
  • On ramps and off ramps. Despite all the advantages that DeFi solutions provide, they still have a critical downside since users have no possibility to freely buy and sell crypto for cash with their help. CEXes, on the contrary, offer various integrations with fiat-based payment solutions facilitating the onboarding process.

With everything mentioned above, the necessity to list PLS on CEXes is obvious.

What Centralized Exchanges List PulseChain ($PLS)?

Pulsechain exchange listings

Now let’s take a look at what centralized exchanges feature Pulsechain listings and offer PLS for trading.

Since many of the CEXes have limited geographical coverage due to a complicated regulatory framework, we are going to pay particular attention to this aspect to save your time on research.

1. CoinTiger

Link: www.cointiger.com/en-us/#/trade_center?coin=pls_usdt 

Tradeable pairs: PLS/USDT

Geographical coverage: Cointiger has a global presence across 130+ countries in Asia, North America, Africa, and Europe. The platform is not available for US residents.

Brief history: Cointiger is a Singapore-based centralized cryptocurrency exchange that started its operations in 2017. Over the years, it has added some more tools and services to its ecosystem such as spot trading, mining, and futures.

The platform was the first one to introduce an equity mechanism with its native token TigerCash (TCH). In 2018, it reportedly allocated 50% of its profit to the token holders. In addition, it offers an incubation program to newly launched startups helping them gain more traction at the early stages.

Security concerns: Throughout its history, Cointiger has never experienced any successful hacking attempts. 

To improve its position, the platform launched a strategic cooperation with John Wick Security Lab. The goal of the partnership was to conduct security audits of smart contracts for the projects before listing them on the exchange.

2. Kanga Exchange

Link: trade.kanga.exchange/market/PLS-USDT

Tradeable pairs: PLS/USDT, PLS/PLN°

Geographical coverage: The official website states that the platform operates across 14 countries but it doesn’t give any specifics. The US and Canada are not supported.

Brief history: Launched in 2018, Kanga Exchange is a multifunctional cryptocurrency trading platform operating from Poland. In addition to spot trading, it also features a set of related projects such as a network of cryptocurrency exchange offices Kanga Cash, a mobile crypto wallet, a crypto payment gateway Kanga Pay, etc.

Security concerns: In January 2023, a Polish regulator filed charges against the platform accusing it of the false claims that it’s regulated in the EU. Some other sources claim that Kanga Exchange operates from Belize, yet, there has been no official proof for this information.

Except for this minor discrepancy, the platform has never experienced any security events and looks reliable.

3. SafeTrade

Link: safe.trade/trading/plsusdt 

Tradeable pairs: PLS/USDT, PLSX/PLS

Geographical coverage: unknown.

Brief history: Although SafeTrade exchange seems to have started its operation in 2018, verified information about this platform is pretty scarce. Registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, the platform is a side project of SafeCoin, a fork of Solana.

Security concerns: In January 2019, a user under the nickname “trucobit” submitted a post on Bitcointalk mentioning that his bitcoins were stolen from SafeTrade. The story looks shady judging by the comments. Otherwise, there is no verified information about any serious hacks.

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