PulseChain Contract Addresses (2024 Update)

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By Connor
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PulseChain Contract Addresses

Bookmark this blog post for a constantly updated list of the most important PulseChain Contract Addresses.

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Remember to always cross reference and double check to make sure you have the correct address before performing any transactions.

WPLS on PulseChain: 0xA1077a294dDE1B09bB078844df40758a5D0f9a27

Bridge Tokens

WBTC from Ethereum: 0xb17d901469b9208b17d916112988a3fed19b5ca1

WETH from Ethereum: 0x02dcdd04e3f455d838cd1249292c58f3b79e3c3c

Hex from Ethereum: 0x57fde0a71132198bbec939b98976993d8d89d225

Decentralized Exchanges

PulseX: 0x95b303987a60c71504d99aa1b13b4da07b0790ab

Piteas Token: 0x2a06a971fe6ffa002fd242d437e3db2b5cc5b433

9inch: 0x3ca80d83277e721171284667829c686527b8b3c5

EazySwap Token: 0x6cf99baa0a4d079f960216d08cf9a1bc7e4dd37c

Lending and Yield Bearing

LOAN Token: 0x9159f1d2a9f51998fc9ab03fbd8f265ab14a1b3b

PulseChain HEX: 0x2b591e99afe9f32eaa6214f7b7629768c40eeb39

EARN Token: 0xb513038bbfdf9d40b676f41606f4f61d4b02c4a2

Icosa: 0xfc4913214444af5c715cc9f7b52655e788a569ed

Incentive Token: 0x2fa878ab3f87cc1c9737fc071108f904c0b0c95d

Maximus Lucky: 0x6b0956258ff7bd7645aa35369b55b61b8e6d6140

Maximus Base: 0xe9f84d418b008888a992ff8c6d22389c2c3504e0

Phame: 0x8854bc985fb5725f872c8856bea11b917caeb2fe

Phiat: 0x96e035ae0905efac8f733f133462f971cfa45db1

Phux: 0x9663c2d75ffd5f4017310405fce61720af45b829

TIME: 0xca35638a3fddd02fec597d8c1681198c06b23f58

UPx: 0x664e58570e5835b99d281f12dd14d350315d7e2a

Watt: 0xdfdc2836fd2e63bba9f0ee07901ad465bff4de71


USDL: 0x0deed1486bc52aa0d3e6f8849cec5add6598a162

CST: 0x600136da8cc6d1ea07449514604dc4ab7098db82

USDT Tether from Ethereum: 0x0cb6f5a34ad42ec934882a05265a7d5f59b51a2f

USDC from Ethereum: 0x15d38573d2feeb82e7ad5187ab8c1d52810b1f07

DAI from Ethereum: 0xefd766ccb38eaf1dfd701853bfce31359239f305

PXDC: 0xeb6b7932da20c6d7b3a899d5887d86dfb09a6408


Hex Orange Address: 0x7901a3569679aec3501dbec59399f327854a70fe

Love: 0xb55ee890426341fe45ee6dc788d2d93d25b59063

Pepe: 0xfef53cff431277451a4a4878505fb29e5e907989

H20: 0xc589905ef2c8892af8ecef36b1190cd0141e3199

Big Bonus Coin: 0x8b4cfb020af9acad95ad80020ce8f67fbb2c700e

Teddy Bear: 0xd6c31bA0754C4383A41c0e9DF042C62b5e918f6d

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