PulseChain JUST Died?!? Bitcoin Died 447 Times.

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By Connor
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Is PulseChain Dead

PulseChain just “died”. For the first time. 

At least, that’s what the current narrative would have you believe.

The truth is, rises and falls are a normal part of markets—but that doesn’t sound exciting enough for headlines.

Which is probably why outlets have reported that Bitcoin, the giant of the crypto landscape, has died a total of 447 times.

So what can we learn from PulseChain’s first death? The answer will surprise you.

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When Did Bitcoin First Die?

In 2010, Jordan Tuwiner wrote a post called “Why Bitcoin Can’t Be a Currency”.

This was the first of many “obituaries” to be written about cryptocurrencies during bearish periods in the market. Believe it or not, it’s actually a really well-written and compelling piece. 

He made 4 key points:

  1. Bitcoin, like gold, would slow down commerce.
  2. Governments will squash Bitcoin.
  3. A single bug could destroy the network.
  4. It’s only useful as an online currency, yet existing currencies already work online.

To his credit, he was right that using Bitcoin as a currency would slow down commerce. But that’s not really what BTC is used for. 

He was right that governments would try squash crypto, but they tried and soon figured out that it’s virtually impossible to stop a decentralized movement.

He was right that a single bug could destroy the network, but Bitcoin has since bounced back in a major way from two inflation bugs.

He was right that it’s only used as an online currency, until it was also used as a store of value and speculative play, AND governments started censoring digital dollars.

So even though was initially right about all of his arguments…

Bitcoin has STILL experienced an unbelievable 32 million % price increase since its $0.23 price back then, reaching an all-time high of over $73,000 USD per coin THIS YEAR.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

PulseChain’s First Death

PulseChain Failed

It’s no secret that the price of PLS has dropped as of late, just as it did during the majority of Bitcoin’s death cycles.

Who can forget, for instance, when Bitcoin’s price dropped 80% in 2018 and Bloomberg reported that it was worse than the dot-com bubble.

As per usual, prices going down means negative sentiment goes up.

At the moment, PulseChain is experiencing its fair share of bearish sentiments.

  1. Bridging into and out of PulseChain is difficult.
  2. An SEC ruling against Richard Heart could damage the chain’s reputation.
  3. There are very few centralized options for buying PulseChain.

But PulseChain is not even a year old, and it would have to die 446 more times to catch up with Bitcoin.

You would be hard pressed to find a cryptocurrency on the market today that has not had a period in which people panicked over growing pains. 

In fact, these are the opportunities when the bravest buyers have made their fortunes.

As a cryptocurrency in its infancy, PLS has more than enough opportunity to build back momentum as these fears are increasingly put to rest.

Rising From the Dead

“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”

A quote that is, ironically, often incorrectly attributed to Mark Twain.

If cryptocurrencies are dying left and right, then we are clearly dealing with a landscape full of zombies.

It also happens to be a landscape that has, many times in the past, rewarded people who see through cheap and easy narratives.

While there is truly no way to know how the crypto market will behave, what we do know is that counting out a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin during any of its 446 “deaths” would have meant massively missing out on profits.

If Bitcoin can drop 80% multiple times and still live for over a decade as the world’s top cryptocurrency and a leading investment asset, let’s see what the future of PLS has in store.

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