How To Create a PulseChain Safe (Step-By-Step)

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By Connor
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Pulsechain safe guide

Step #1: Visit the PulseChain Safe dApp

The link for the dApp is here:

Step #2: Connect Wallet

Click Connect Wallet in the top right corner of the page.

PulseChain Safe Connect Wallet

Switch your network to PulseChain.

Step #3 Create a New Safe

Under “Create a New Safe”, choose your Safe name. 

PulseChain Safe Create New Safe

Then click “Next”

Then, choose the names and addresses of the other wallets. 

How To Create a PulseChain Safe

Note: These other addresses can all be owned by you, the creator, or they can all be owned by separate people or entities. PulseChain Safe is just a tool, and make sure you know exactly what you are doing.

Set your threshold. For the purpose of this demo, we will choose 2 out of 3 signatures required.

PulseChain Safe Threshold

Step #4 Review Your Safe

Review your Safe then Click “Next”

Pulsechain Safe review

Finalize the creation of the Safe by confirming the transaction in your wallet.

PulseChain Safe Confirm Transaction

Once complete, take note of the public address for your Safe.

Congratulations, you have just created your PulseChain Safe! To enter your safe click “Start Using Safe”.

Start Using PulseChain Safe

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