10,000 USD Will Get You THIS MUCH Liquid Loans Pool Share

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By Connor
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LOAN token yield

How would you like to earn $23.8 USD a day doing… nothing?

Well, basically nothing. You’d just have to click a few buttons.

Yes, you guessed it. We’re talking about the LOAN Staking Pool.

It's currently yielding 87% APR at the time of writing.

Which means that, if you stake 10,000 USD worth of LOAN tokens at the current APR, you could walk away with passive earnings of around $23.8 USD per day on average.

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How Much 10K USD Will Get You

At the current price of $0.000006245 per LOAN token, $10,000 USD will buy you 1.6 billion tokens.

That represents 0.2% of the total LOAN Staking Pool share. 

How Much Could You Earn Right Now?

In the past week, 86,000 USDL and 864 million PLS was paid out to the Staking Pool. 

Combined, these assets are worth roughly $105,000 USD.

If you bought that 0.2% share of the pool, your share of earnings for the week would have been around 172 USDL and 210 USD worth of PLS.

That’s a total of around $382 USD in one week!

What’s Possible in 2027?

For the sake of our hypothetical, let’s say that the total value locked within the Liquid Loans protocol in 2027 hits 10x, to 1.1 billion USD worth of PLS.

Let’s also assume that you’ve been adding to your position, maintaining a 0.2% share of the LOAN Staking Pool the entire time.

In this scenario, you would be earning roughly $1,720 USDL and $2,100 USD worth of PLS, each week, just for clicking some buttons.

How to Permanently Own 1% of the Supply

Like Bitcoin, there are a limited number of LOAN tokens that will ever exist.

This is set at 5.5 trillion.

So to permanently own 1% of the supply of LOAN, you would need to get your hands on 55 billion LOAN tokens.

Today, that’s worth roughly $342,870 USD.

How Much Could You Earn Right Now?

Right now, 55 billion LOAN gains you a share of 6%.

Using the same math as before, you would have earned $5,160 USDL and 52 million PLS (currently worth $6,300 USD) last week.

What’s Possible in 2027?

Returning to our 2027 hypothetical, in which the TVL could reach 10X its current value, you would be earning $51,600 USDL and 520 million PLS per week.

That would mean earning $63,000 USD.

The Bottom Line

Despite everyone’s best guesses, no one knows the extent to which the TVL will peak.

But we do know that LOAN is currently very cheap; it stands to reason that there might never be a better time to buy LOAN than right now. 

Gaining a large share of the pool today could turn out to be a golden goose for years to come.

In my opinion, that’s worth a few mouse clicks.

To learn more, check out this piece on LOAN staking.

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