'Claim' is the Most Fun Button on the Internet (Why Are You Afraid of it?)

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By Connor
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It’s shocking, but over 90% of 'Non-OA' PLS is not using Liquid Loans.

As a result, tens of thousands of dollars in yield is being left on the table.

Starting your Vault for the first time can seem scary. But in reality, it can be both fun and rewarding.

If you aren’t using Liquid Loans to earn passive income with your PLS, it might be because you’re concerned about taking the first step.

So let’s dispel your fears and get started.

Don’t Let These Misconceptions Hold You Back

We commonly hear people say things like:

  • I don’t understand the protocol!
  • What if I lose all my money?
  • Will I have to constantly check the dApp?

So let’s break down these fears.

First and foremost, the Liquid Loans protocol was designed to be extremely easy to use.

The Liquid Loans dApp is intuitive and easy to figure out on your own. But if you need any help along the way, there are countless resources and fast-paced tutorials available to guide you along the way.

For more information, visit our Start Here Guide.

Second, even if you make mistakes while using Liquid Loans, you won’t lose all of your money.

The worst mistake that a user can make is getting liquidated, but even that only comes with an instantaneous loss of around ~10%. This loss is also incredibly easy to avoid.

Check out our guide to avoiding liquidations for more information on how to keep all of your PLS.

Finally, one of Liquid Loans’ best features is that you don’t have to constantly monitor the dApp. In fact, you technically don’t have to check the dApp ever! 

By setting the right collateral ratio, you can set and forget your Vault. This frees you up to only ever check the dApp when you want to admire your earnings.

Claiming One of DeFi’s Best Opportunities

The shining star of the Liquid Loans dApp is the “Claim” button. For good reason, people can’t seem to stop clicking it.

Over a thousand users are earning PLS, USDL, and LOAN through the dApp. This is as simple as having LOAN or USDL sitting passively in the Staking Pool and the Stability Pool, respectively. 

The APRs offered by these pools currently sit in the range of 50% and 100%. This means users can earn between around a 0.1% to 0.3% yield on their principal PER DAY!

To put this in perspective, even $10,000 at 0.1% would mean earning $10 per day–in a  way that is both safe and entirely passive.

Everything You Need to Master Liquid Loans

Liquid Loans is extremely intuitive and easy to learn.

But if you ever need any additional information on the protocol, we’ve published countless beginner-friendly guides and resources that are available for free.

In fact, the Liquid Loans dApp itself features a series of ‘How To’ videos that will have you up and running in no time–even if you’ve never used a DeFi protocol before.

Additionally, our blog and YouTube Channel are both full of thought leadership content about Liquid Loans, PulseChain, and the DeFi movement as a whole.
It’s never been easier to claim your financial freedom with Liquid Loans and get started today.

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Connor is a US-based digital marketer and writer. He has a diverse military and academic background, but developed a passion over the years for blockchain and DeFi because of their potential to provide censorship resistance and financial freedom. Connor is dedicated to educating and inspiring others in the space, and is an active member and investor in the Ethereum, Hex, and PulseChain communities.

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