How Connect to the Liquid Loans dApp (Don't Make This Mistake)

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By Connor
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Are you using more than one crypto wallet on your browser?

If so, you might encounter this issue when connecting to the Liquid Loans dApp.

But don’t worry, there’s a super easy fix. 

Here’s what you have to do.

The Problem

Liquid Loans users are on the pulse with all things PulseChain (pun intended) and DeFi.

While the majority of LL users store their coins using Metamask, many use WalletConnect for other wallets such as Rabby, InternetMoney, Zerion, and more.

And some users don’t stop there; they use multiple crypto wallets on their browser at the same time

This can have its own unique benefits, but it can also create a challenge when it comes to connecting a dApp to your wallet.

That’s because many dApps, like the Liquid Loans dApp, automatically search for a wallet to connect to. 

This proves challenging when your browser is loaded with multiple wallets. 

Additionally, when trying to toggle ‘Connect Wallet’, the dApp may not be able to do so because there are too many wallets to choose from.

Here’s how to fix this in just a couple of minutes.

The Fix

There are many ways to get past this hurdle, so we’d recommend trying each of these fixes in order.

That way, you’ll be up and running in no time. 

Fix #1 -  Refresh the dApp on your browser. 

A simple refresh or hard refresh of the Liquid Loans dApp might be all it takes for the dApp to detect your wallet.

On Windows or Linux: Hold the Ctrl key and press F5.

On Mac OS: Hold Cmd, Shift, and then press R.

Now, try to connect your wallet again on the Liquid Loans dApp. If that doesn’t work, proceed to the next step.

Fix #2 - Lock or sign out of your other wallets.

A quick fix that often works is to lock or sign out of all of the wallets on your browser that you don’t want to use with Liquid Loans.

This should be enough to help the dApp detect the correct wallet, so that you can start using the LL protocol.

If not, however, proceed to the next fix.

Fix #3 - Disable excess wallet extensions

If you have any wallet extensions that you don’t want to use on your browser, it might be worth removing them. Just make sure to back up anything you need.

This fix can help the wallets that you actually want to use function as intended when using DeFi protocols like Liquid Loans.

Fix #4 - Uninstall other wallets from your browser

If all else fails, you might need to temporarily uninstall the other wallets on your browser.

It’s important to make sure to take the correct steps to back up your wallet access first, as outlined by whichever wallet you’re using.

This solution will mean that the dApp only has one wallet to choose from, which will allow it to automatically connect to your wallet.

You can then reinstall your other wallet extensions on your browser whenever you need them.

Since this issue can also impede you on a range of dApps across the DeFi landscape, you might also want to consider using different browsers for different wallets. 

Doing so can allow you to enjoy an unimpeded DeFi experience while still having the freedom to use multiple wallets.

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